The Pre-Premier has a date

Next thursday 23th Premier Zielou will begin with a dinner and very special drinks with which you will be able to get a ticket to enjoy Sylver.

On Friday, March 31th is already sold out to enjoy a new episode of Premier High Club with Sylver as a protagonist. The well-known Belgian Eurotrance group will arrive in Madrid to delight us with a sound that will remind us great moments on the dance floor all over Europe.


If you haven’t already done it with your entry we give you one last chance for you to enjoy his music in live, and for this, Zielou presents a new PRE-Premier, the event that will serve as a precursor and with which you will be able to warm up thanks to the music of Javier Coello after the dishes.


If you come to dinner* next thursday 23th, you will receive an invitation to give you access to the Premier High Club Sylver from 2:00 a.m. and up to full capacity. Invitations will be distributed to each diner.


If you don’t have appetite doesn’t matter, because from the 00:00 the same night of the 23 if you come for a drink you will also receive the same invitation with the same conditions mentioned above.


If you remember, do not hesitate to come to the event which has everyone talking about, please do not hesitate to come to Premier High Club.


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