Our gastronomic bet has been designed to offer different sensations in each dish. We want to get the most inhospitable corners of the five continents with a high-level gastronomy quality. In a unique enclave as is the Chamartin train station, you will find that every day you visit our restaurant will be a very special and different experience.

A gastronomic universe to fly without wings




When the sun sets, Zielou becomes a place of light where our cocktails based on the colors, in the pursuit of excellence and in the mixture of scents and sensations with the aromas and textures, take the pulse of the night. Our Cocktail Master bet for a mixology avant-garde, where the purity and perfection are his signs of identity.


The Pre-Premier has a date

Next thursday 23th Premier Zielou will begin with a dinner and very special drinks with which you will be able to get a ticket to enjoy Sylver.

The Show

The Show Is Back!


To fly, you do not need wings

If you have ever dreamed up, if you had an idea and you have not dared to do it, if you want to surprise someone special with an unforgettable moment Zielou Experience is what you are looking for. We have designed a space for gastronomy and experience to form a unique hybrid where creativity has wings and everything is possible. We offer exclusive experiences of which only a lucky few will be able to take part. Be one of the privileged to access an unrepeatable evening full of surprises and that you will remember forever.


  • Horus the Magician

    Horus blows your imagination with a magical display that hypnotizes the gullible and skeptical every Friday in We Own the Night, Zielou.


  • Javier Coello

    Our resident DJ: an exquisite musical selection to accompany an unforgettable experience.

Interior design

  • Aurora Gámez

    My work starts in parallel with the work of the architect and the engineer to achieve a global interior design that generates extraordinary living spaces.